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Transport Tycoon Deluxe

Transport Tycoon (TTO) and Transport Tycoon Deluxe (TTD) are games designed by Chris Sawyer, the Creator of Rollercoaster Tycoon. Transport Tycoon was released in October, 1994, the newer and updated Transport Tycoon Deluxe in 1995, only a few months later after a new version of TTO was released!. Engine development was developed further and was released as Rollercoaster Tycoon, followed up by Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, and finally Locomotion September this year. Locomotion is a spiritual sequel to TTD which is covered in more detail on Steve's Locomotion Depot.


TTD or TTO is not available for official purchase anywhere. BUT! you can get versions off Ebay. As a result, it has been claimed on as abandonware, and The Home of the Underdogs has it for download. Therefore, Transport Tycoon, its add-on, the Deluxe versions are all available to download in the downloads section under 'the game'. Please note that this is for people who only own the game, and is available as a back up. Abandonware is only a fictional status devised by gamers, and is not legal unless declared by the original publishers of a game.


Transport Tycoon was first released in 1994 by Chris Sawyer. The Graphics were done by Simon Foster and the music by John Broomhall. Some have corresponding websites at, Pixels-with-wings. John Broomhall does not have a known website. Transport Tycoon when originally released only had a Temperate Climate and Some British trains. However, when Microsprose internationally distributed it these names were changed to spoof names, to avoid problems with the companies. Later on, the add-on world editor added Mars and an Scenario Editor to the game. Although many bugs were not fixed and indsutries were sensitive to closing down. A Playstation conversion was even worse, with a major bug with the AI that made it pick up goods at secondary industries and drop it off at primary industries. However, this PSX port was in full 3D, and the graphics, at the time, were amazing, although the pixelisation on the original sprites was terrible.

The deluxe version was released in Autumn/fall 1995, and introduced hundreds of new features, including remastered music, some new graphics and buildings, and three new climates, including Sub-Tropical consisting of American/Canadian locomotives and a South American style naming scheme, Artic, consisting of the same locomotives and snow at high levels, and a town name shceme similar to temperate. The last uis the most hated, as it is a big waste of space. Toyland. Including silly graphics, town names and vehicles. All these climates had new ndustries and cargos to, although shared industries as well. Also industries weren't as sensitive any more, and it came with a lot of premade scenarios, including two savegame type ones, Megarail and Scotland. These two had some tracks already layed out!

Third party updates

As of January 2006, there are two third party updates for the deluxe version of the game. The first is Josef Drexler's Transport Tycoon Deluxe Patch, which now has a full patch team. This "patch" to the game has brought such wonders as trams, higher bridges, new industries, houses and stations, via the newgrf format, and many smaller gameplay updates that make TTD worth playing today. TTDPatch also has the ability to run on Windows 2000 and XP, something which the original game couldn't do. This allowed a much larger user base than it previously had.

The second "update" of the game is an open sourced clone of the game, OpenTTD. Being ported to a wide spectrum of operating systems such as Linux and Mac, OpenTTD has gained a massive support base in a short amount of time. It has brought such innovations as larger maps, stable multiplayer, and larger airports capable of handling more air traffic. However, in the newgrf sector, it plays catchup to the patch, as it does not have such sophisticated support for it as the patch has. This is slowly being rectified.

Information and Tutorials

To the left are links leading to more in-depth parts of the game, including vehicle lists, disasters, industries and more. Some of the links do not work yet, and might not for a while coming, but will be done in due course. The newest additions are rail junctions.

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