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This is the links page, offering links to the whole of the TT(D) community, From TTD Patch, to OpenTTD, and everything in-between

Transport Tycoon Deluxe patch

by Josef Drexler

The patch is what started off the community big time. for a long time, there were unanswerable questions, problems and compatibility issues. Then there was the Patch.

TTD Patch

the official forums for the TTD Patch are:

Transport Tycoon forums

The community itself. Administrated and Owned by Owen Rudge, the forums are the place to go. Hosting the official forums of the ex Transport, OpenTTD and The patch, and the largest forums on Locomotion, its the biggest place around to talk about this game we play.


the forums are also the official forums for:

Owens Transport Tycoon station

Owens Transport Tycoon Station was one of the initial two large websites to have a fan base for TT(D), and is now the biggest around

Owens Transport Tycoon Station


About two years ago, Ludde told a few people about an Open source of TTD we was making. It was unveiled around three quarters of a year ago, and ever since, has grown massively and has several developers and versions released. I did draw a tonne of industries for it, look in other projects!

Open TTD

Norwegian Train Set

The Norwegian Train set is basically what it says on the tin. A train set for Norway, with its trains and rolling stock. Im drawing some things for it too.

Norwegian Trainset

My Ex-Host, ThorRunes' website, please visit!

Shortline Model Rail Forums

Forums dedicated to Discussion of Model Railways around the world, go and post your own model railways, Or go and hear about others!

Shortline Model Rail forums

Purno's Drawing Tutorials

If you want to learn how to draw things for Transport Tycoon Deluxe, then go here, if you don't, go here anyway as its interesting to know!

Purno's Drawing Tutorials

My New Host, Owen Rudge's website, please visit!


GRFCrawler is a search engine for GRF files, its made by eis_os of tt-forums. Now featuring a firefox search engine plugin!


Dead link


OpenTTDCoop is a site about the OpenTTD co-operative games than go on. It features the rules and guidlines, and how to join.


Well thats it for now. If you believe I have not mentioned your site, and it should be mentioned, drop me an email, and it should be remedied soon enough!

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