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Transport Tycoon Deluxe Cheats

There aren't many cheats for the original TTD Game, apart from one 'bug like' one. In TTO one, there is the infamous Tunnel Cheat

TTD Cheat

note: This particular cheat has been known to cause a crash in TTD, and it is noted that you should save your game before going on to step 4

Step 1 : When a company gives you a message, asking you to buy their company, press no.

Step 2 : Open that company's company screen.

Step 3 : Buy 75% of that corresponding company's shares.

Step 4 : Keep that company's screen open, put it in a corner if you want, and wait for the newpaper to come up announcing the bankruptcy of the company

Step 5 : Sell off your shares. You should be rich! Filhy sitnking rich!

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