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Vehicle Types

In the game of Transport Tycoon there are 4 basic transport types. Trains Planes Road vehicles and ships. While these can be split up further I explain the basic 4 below

Trains. The meanest and leanest. These little doggies are the mainstay of your entire company. Without them you will most probably go bust, or at least have a slow income. They have a high capacity, and are quite fast, therefore the most efficient of the transport types. The further and faster goods need to be hauled, the more money you earn. A cross map high speed passenger train filled up can earn 100,000 a trip. Thats the whole starting money! Higher Horsepowered slower trains work great on goods routes. I recommend coal, followed by oil, but beware, Oil Wells are tempremental and randomly close down.

Planes are also a good money maker - on long routes. Only the fast ones make serious money. I tend to have two airports far apart by the time the FFP dart is available. However, they have no cargo appeal at all. Their limited refit capacity shows this. I tend to use them for food trips in artic games, to get the food from the low farms to the higher cities though, and they make a small profit. Helicopters are not good. In the late game they cannot land at airports, as they are too slow and others beat it to the land tile. Also, they stop making them in the 21st century. Use them at small towns if you must, but keep a small airport around for servicing.

I don't use these very much at all. They are perhaps the most innefficient transport type in the game. However, I find good use building bus and mail stops through very large (5000+) cities and setting up random orders. They make a tiny profit, but a profit nonetheless. Also use them for feeder systems and low production industries. Another negative is the jamming that occurs with large numbers of vehicles. OpenTTD stops this with its multistop patch, but it is still present in The Patch and TTD

Ships I use to a lesser extent, but still use. They are good for Oil Rigs and sometimes inter-island ferry services if you can get lots of passengers at the dock. They have a massive capacity and have slow speeds. They make monstrous amounts of money when coming in, but half of that is spent on the running costs it eats while loading and moving.

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