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Small UFO
A small UFO will randomly fly around the map until it finds a Road Vehicle that it like, and then crashes onto it. Your vehicle will explode and everyone inside will die. If this happens when you have just started your company, then you are in bad luck as money is hard to come by to replace it. There is one into the Megarail Scenario if you want to see one.

Large UFO
This UFO, similarly to the first one, will fly around randomly, but instead of victimising poor road vehicles, it will land on a nice piece of track. As soon as it lands, an X-COM type plane will spawn and proceed to blow it up, destroying track around it for many squares. Its cheaper to replace than the bus, so won't hurt you too much. This disaster is found later in the game than the first one, often post-2000. Chris Sawyer had a fascination with X-Com, which was a game about defending the planet from Alien attack. It was another Microprose game at the time, so he was permitted to put in Several references. Other game references in the game are possibly to another Microprose game, named Silent Service II, made in 1990, they are possibly the submarines seen below

Oil refinery and factory explosions
These two disasters are very similar, and are related to a war type of disaster. A Helicopter will destroy a factory, while a plane will destroy an Oil refinery. They don't actually affect anything, but they were probably originally were intended to. They trigger a rebuilding of the industry, instead of removing it.

Zeppelin crash
Zeppelins crash on small airports and block all traffic for a whole month. They are pretty predictable, and you can probably delete the airport before it arrives. Evidence suggests it will crash on any airport on its alignment, even if you build one en-route. They fly in a straight line, explode, and fall.

Economic recession
While it can be named as a disaster as such, it can have detrimental effects on your company. All industries cut production by 50%, and as a result, you transport less, and make less. Secondary Industries make even less as a result, causing loss of profits that can boggle the mind

Coal mine subsidence
This happens as a result of a shaft collapsing under the ground. It deletes roads, town buildings and other things in a straight line for a long distance. It Happens In the Scotland, 1956 scenario after a few months play.It will destroy your tracks, but not the AI's. If it did, it would probably ruin its route and cause it to go bankrupt!

This is the reference to Silent Service 2 I was talking about. These two submarines do nothing bt ailessly go around the map. They come and go as they please, when they please, and where they please. Nobody knows what their original purpose could have been.

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