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Transport Tycoon Incarnations

Over the Years there have been many versions of Transport Tycoon. Below are some of them

Transport Tycoon


Transport Tycoon was originally released in the October of 1994. It was the first. It was also a revolutionary game and did not follow Railroad Tycoon, against popular belief that it did. It had fancy graphics for the time and a smooth, easy to use interface, despite all this is was only 4MB and hence was distributed on floppy discs instead of CDs.

Transport Tycoon World Editor


Transport Tycoon World Editor was the add-on to TTO. It was first released on March 7, 1995. It added a scenario editor and Mars Landscape to the Game. The scenario editor added much playability. Again, despite all the new graphic,s it only came in at 5MB. It also brought in the much used feature of closing all the windows with the Delete key.

Transport Tycoon Deluxe


Transport Tycoon Deluxe is the most popular of the games. It had many new features TTO sorely needed. Unfortunately this game would see no add-ons or improvements. If it did, it might be a lot more popular, prolonging sales in the shops. It features three new climates (Artic, Sub-Tropical and Toyland), maglev trains, new airports : heliports, perhaps the most important feature : one-way signals, company buyouts, many bugfixes over TTO, and other minor changes.

Transport Tycoon PSX


Transport Tycoon on the Playstation was an... interesting thing. It was released in either late 1996, or early 1997. First of all it was a port of Transport Tycoon and not Transport Tycoon Deluxe, despite deluxe being a lot more better, and had been out for 2 years already. It was full 3d, and you could even follow the vehicles around. Of course basically the TTO graphics ha dbeen paste onto low-poly models. It would have been great at the time, but now it is not so good looking. Anyway. Like OTTD, Digital Amusement, Ltd. converted the assembly code into C, making it easier to work in, it was distributed by Ocean.



While Locomotion isn't exactly a version of the game, it is a spiritual sequel. It uses a very heavily modified version of the Rollercoaster Tycoon engine, and as a result includes slopes and curves in tunnels and on bridges, and much improved graphics rendered from 3d models.

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