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The industry system in TTD is simple, but can at times be confusing. This is here to help you out..

Name Image Accepts Produces Notes
Coal Mine Coal Mine N/A Coal Found in the Artic and Temperate Climates.
Power Station Power Station Coal N/A Found in the Artic and Temperate Climates.
Forest Forest N/A Wood Found in the Artic and Temperate Climates. In artic the wood is delivered to a paper mill.
Sawmill Sawmill Wood Goods (according to wood delivered) In temperate only
Oil rig Oil rig Passengers Passengers, Oil Has a Helipad and Dock for oil and helicopters. In Artic and Temperate.
Oil Wells Oil Wells N/A Oil In Artic, Temperate and Sub-Tropical
Oil Refinery Oil Refinery Oil Goods In Artic, Temperate and Sub-tropical
Iron Ore Mine Iron Ore Mine N/A Iron Ore In Temperate only
Steel Mill Steel Mill Iron Ore Steel In Temperate Only
Farm Farm N/A Livestock and Grain In temperate, artic and sub-tropical. Makes Maize in sub tropical.
Factory Factory Livestock, Grain and Steel Goods In temperate, artic and sub-tropical. Accepts different goods in artic and sub-tropical.
Bank bank Gold Gold Temperate only. Accepts and produces gold
Forest Forrest N/A Wood Has different graphics to the temperate one.
Paper Mill Paper Mill Wood Paper Artic only.
Printworks Printworks Paper Goods Artic only.
Food Processing Plant Food Processing Plant Livestock and Grain Food Sub-Tropical and artic only
Gold Mine Gold Mine N/A Gold Sub-Tropical and artic only
Bank bank Gold Sub-Tropical and artic only. Only accepts gold. Does not produce it.

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