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How to build a profiting Airline.

First of all, one thing, airplanes in Transport Tycoon make boatloads of money, but only over long distances. However, the distance needs to be covered as fast as possible for the most cash, i.e a Coleman Count will not make money as much as the faster Darwin 200. So, now to airport building. I tend to build airports outside the main cities, and then use one of these methods to bring passengers it: Preferably, use alternating lorry and bus stations, deleting one after the other until you have a large catchment area. In OpenTTD's case, you can just build as many bus stops as possible, and then demolish them all apart from the ones furthest away. An alternative would be to build the airport far away from the town and use buses to force unload passengers at the airport. Anyway, you want as much passengers as possible. You will want to when the higher capacity planes come out. Now, choose a fast plane with a low-medium capacity (100-200 passengers should do nicely) and put it to work between your two airports. You might find that for starters the plane will struggle to get passengers, but this is ok, the rating should climb, or if you used a feeder system, buses will come. Once the plane has reached the point where it lands, loads and takes off in the space of 1 minute, you want to either buy another plane which is the same, or upgrade this one to a higher capacity one. I myself use the highest capacity planes, as they bring in more money. After a while of doing this you will have a very busy airport. If you are in Normal Transport Tycoon/Patch, you will have top make do until larger airports are coded, but if you are in OpenTTD, just wait until 1980, and upgrade to a Metropolitan Airport. This has 2 runways, and is the same size as the City Airport, but needs the landing planes to cross the take-off runway. There is also a lot of waiting when it gets busy. In 1990, the International airport is unveiled, and has 2 runways, 6 terminals and 2 hangars. It also features two helipads where the Helicopters load and unload. The only disadvantage is that said planes still get crammed when it gets very busy, as only one plane can land at a time, and one can take off at a time. It makes for some nasty jamming. Celestar is noted to have been working on a much larger airport with 2 runways for landing and 2 for taking off.

Congratulations! Now you have your airline.

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