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Rail Junctions

In TTD rail building can be hectic. Thankfully I have made some basic rail junction tutorials below.

read through them and the rail building tutorial, and you should be set to build like a pro.

Simple Junctions

Simple Junction 1 Simple Junction 2
This is the most simple junction possible. No signals or anything. Prone to crashes though. Here we have pre-signalled the junction. This is typical of a roro station entrance.
Simple Junction 3 Simple Junction 4
Now we have doubled the route. It is a simple junction for trains going in both directions. PBS signals would be handy though. This is a T junction. These are great for making passenger branch lines as the trains can go any way.

Medium Stage Junctions

Medium Junction 1 Medium Junction 2
This is a more heavy rail T junction, but is built to only face one way. Good for a single branch line in which the junction faces the terminus. This is a half cloverleaf junction, and is a T junction built to face both ways. Built for heavy duty lines with several trains.
Medium Junction 3 Medium Junction 4
This Junction is a full cloverleaf junction. It is not a T junction, but a crossroads. Trains can go in all directions. Unfortunately it can meet with jams at higher peak times. To Cope with the "higher peak times" I PBS signalled the whole junction. Now trains can enter the same block and makes the junction a bit more effective

Hard Stage Junctions

Hard Junction 1
Click on image to enlarge
This is a basic 8 way junction. No loops or cloverleafs. Just straight lines.
Trains on the outer tracks must stay left. The center is PBS controlled.

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