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August-December 2005

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Christmas Decorations.
Posted by Born_Acorn on Wednesday, December 7 2005 7:53PM
As you can see (at least you can in Firefox 1.5, the browser best for viewing this site), last years falling snow effect has returned. Although the snow is now acutally transparent.

If you want it on your own site, zip on over to here to get it for yourselves.

Now at
Posted by Born_Acorn on Sunday, November 27 2005 2:23AM
Yes. Thats right. I paid another 6 for another domain name! This time its a parked domain, which means This works as good as

Angled Building
Posted by Born_Acorn on Sunday, October 23 2005 5:15PM
Presenting the first Office building for a long time, but with a twist - literally! This building is at a different angle from the normal view.

Of course you can download the Windows version Here or get it from the downloads page.

Coming up next is 0.5 (after much revision) of the roadset, and a Walmart ASDA (UK people will know ASDA)

New server we are on.
Posted by Born_Acorn on Wednesday, October 19 2005 2:49PM
Its name is Yoda! Its in the Netherlands now, instead of Zernebok which was in the US. So this site should be faster for Europeans now.

Two James Vassie Scenarios
Posted by Born_Acorn on Saturday, October 1 2005 8:45PM
Here and here

They both require these grf files:






So have at it and go get em!

Now Using Lazarus Guestbook
Posted by Born_Acorn on Friday, September 23 2005 8:06PM
Due to spambots posting almost all day long, we now use Lazarus Guestbook, based on the Advanced Guestbook. Heck, I can't tell the difference!

So head on over and Sign the guestbook!
Posted by Born_Acorn on Wednesday, September 14 2005 1:32AM
We will soon be (or at least orudge assures me) also located at ! hurray!

10,000 visitors
Posted by Born_Acorn on Tuesday, August 30 2005 12:59AM
Ladies and Gentlemen we have gone past the page number that is 10,000. If it was you and would like a mention, email me and Ill put you on the front page here.

edit: Singaporekid was 10,407. Which we all know is a better number than 10,000

New Savegame : Dabridge Transport
Posted by Born_Acorn on Monday, August 29 2005 1:30PM
Ive released a new savegame in the Savegame database. It is in the temperate climate, for OpenTTD revision 2884 and above.

Here to get it

Also, Ive been playing around with the news styles. That means things will change. As you have probably noticed, a item has appeared. Clicking on it will start the page at that post, and the link in the top will think to it.

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