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May-July 2005

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Project Generic Stations Up
Posted by Born_Acorn on Thursday, July 14 2005 7:09PM
With permission from Aegir, I put up the Project Generic Stations which I contribute to on the downloads site.

New Industries Updated
Posted by Born_Acorn on Saturday, July 9 2005 9:31AM
Thanks to Dalestan, the new industries pack has been updated, and now the factory does not smoke from the middle of the roof anymore.

Posted by Born_Acorn on Wednesday, July 6 2005 2:31PM
Im back and up for business.

Expect updates soon!

A new new airport!
Posted by Born_Acorn on Wednesday, June 15 2005 9:36PM
Its 3:34 in the morning, and I go on HOliday to Florida for tow weeks in 30 minutes.

So what do I do? I re-release the new airport.

Enjoy and get it in the Downloads Section

New new airport

Forums Deleted
Posted by Born_Acorn on Monday, June 13 2005 7:08AM
Because of the actions of some members, the forums have now been deleted. They served no purpose and only served in the end as a playground for hackers and flamers. The new forums of Transport Tycoon Terminal are

New IC125 v0.5 (5 Liveries)
Posted by Lakie on Friday, June 3 2005 7:04AM
Hi Again,

Bit of a sort time span between releases.
Hopefully this will be Final for a while.

New Features.
> New Livery - Virgin
> New Livery - GNER
> New Livery - Great Western


> Known Clipping in the Buy Menu
> Still Not Compatiable with OpenTTD v0.4.0.1 or below.

> Windows
> DOS (Untested)

New IC125 v0.2 (2 Liveries)
Posted by Lakie on Tuesday, May 31 2005 7:53AM
Hi Again,

New version of the IC125.

New Features.
> Each Head now carries 40 passengers (Same as a coach)
> Livery Refitting Added
> New Livery, Swallow Livery


> Top Train - British Railways Blue Livery
> Bottom Train - Swallow Livery

> Known Clipping in the Buy Menu
> Not Compatable with OpenTTD v0.4.0.1 or below

> Windows
> Dos (Untested)

New Graphic
Posted by Born_Acorn on Saturday, May 28 2005 5:50PM
Presenting the new Mk2 car! It replaces the temperate wagon and uses a BR Blue mk2 as a base.

Its reworked from my recent HSTs Mk3, but looks better :p

Windows Version

New uploader for newposters
Posted by Born_Acorn on Friday, May 27 2005 6:17AM
Newsposters can now upload files! This means that people like Lakie, Orudge and me can upload files whenever wanted and not need me (or orudge) to upload it via FTP first.

British RailWays Blue IC125
Posted by Lakie on Thursday, May 26 2005 8:46AM

I just recoded the IC125 to work with overrides.
It also now has it's real statistics.

Please Note, it still replaces the "SH 125"

Windows Version

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