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Old News

13th May 2005

A New locomotive! Its a BR Blue IC 125. The new OTTD logo means it works in OTTD

British Railways Blue IC125
The first of many new IC125 liveries. Get it Here ( win only)

26th April 2005

There is a new OTTD savegame up

23rd April 2005

Thanks to Dalestan of TT-forums we now have a new industry in TTD Patch (only). It is the water desalinisation plant. It takes water from the ocean and turns it into drinking water for you to take to water towers. It only works in Tropical as well. Any Problems please contact me.An OTTD version will follow, but will be merged with OTTD. Thanks go to orudge for kickstarting this entire project and epsilon for starting it.

Water Desal Plant
It only works in Tropical, and is not a replacement for the water supply, but works alongside it. Many Many thanks go to Dalestan of TT-Forums for coding it and making it work at all, otherwise there would have been no chance :). An OTTD version will follow, but will be merged with OTTD. Thanks go to orudge for kickstarting this entire project and epsilon for starting it. Get it Here or get the Water Desal for the DOS version of TTDX Here!

3rd April 2005

A new page is up, devoted to OpenTTD savegames I play on the internet. It has screenshots, and a story, and then assorted savegames from throughout the game

1st April 2005

The forums are up and work once again

31st March 2005

Yet again we have moved server, but now to Zernebok hosting provided kindly by Owen Rudge, webmaster of Transport Tycoon Station and Hang on while the forums are down and the site is brought up to scratch over the next few days :)

7th March 2005

More good news! I moved the old forums to here! Go get em!

7th February 2005

Good news! Lakie of has coded the Intercity 125 into having Wagon Override! This means you can now use the temperate wagon and the Intercity at the same time without conflict! Thanks again Lakie!

Now the DOS version too!

HST 125 Intercity
A brand new Sh125 for Transport Tycoon, based on the real life 'Intercity' trains. A brand new version! Coding for the Wagon Override feature by Lakie of TT-forums. Get it Here or get the HST125 for the DOS version of TTDX Here!

1st February 2005

White Rabbits! New month :P

old custom, don't ask

Straight to Business. There is a brand new Guestbook here. Please go and sign it, and leave your comments, suggestions etc. Don't flood or spam it please.

24th January 2005

The second large airport.

Also, all the old news has been moved to a news archive page.

New Airport and Transmitter
A new airport Get it Here

24th January 2005

the second large airport

New Airport and Transmitter
A new airport Get it Here

23rd January 2005

Well, in case you can't tell, we now have a new host! Thanks to ThorRune for the new hosting solution, with 5 times more space than the old AOL server. It also allows more things than the AOL one, so there might be a guestbook of sorts. Also, soon there will be anothe large airport type uploaded, and then a skyscraper. Followed by a small airport redesign.

11th January 2005

New stuff!:

New Airport and Transmitter
A new airport and transmitter!! Get the airport Here or get the transmitter Here!

7th January 2005

There is now a links page, with links to everywhere on the TTD community

1st January 2005

Happy new year!

As a gift, I have relased DOS and Windows version of the old Temperate carriage in grf files.

New Temperate Carriage
Another patented Born Acorn Carriage! It fits in well with all trains! Brand new version up now!. Get it Here, or the DOS version Here

Also, I bring you a remake of the other original train of TTT, the BR Intercity HST125!

Ive also fixed the link to the Mini building pack, thanks to SHADOW-XIII

HST 125 Intercity
A brand new Sh125 for Transport Tycoon, based on the real life 'Intercity' trains. A brand new version! Get it Here or get the HST125 for the DOS version of TTDX Here!

25th December 2004

Merry Christmas!

Its been a hectic year, since the crud version of TTT started, to now, with the new Transport Tycoon Terminal here now. Thanks!

23rd December 2004

Yay for caffiene! Stay up! To make this!

Actually I left it out of the Mini-BRP and just placed it in a separate grf, so sure me, I lied:P

edit: also I edited the link to the new helipad so the new one now downloads

Offices, lovely Offices, contained in a single skyscraper. Nice. Get it Here

22nd December 2004

A small pack Ive made over the years. They may be poor, but a new version will be up at Crimbo, hopefully!

Also, and finally, the new version of the Helipad has been done and uploaded!

Mini building Replacement Pack
A small set from me to you for Christmas. Ho ho ho! Get it Here
New Helipad!
A Brand New helipad! Version 2.0! For all climates. Get it Here

9th December 2004

Hello. Again. There is a new version of the New factory in the downloads section. Wait, there's a new factory in the downloads section already? D'oh! That weren't supposed to be there!

Im also releasing another Office block for the temperate climate!

New factory
Factory Replacement for TTD factory. Cleaner than the original texture, without radically alerting it Get it Here
Office Building three
New Office block for the temperate climate! Get it Here

Click on the links in the above tables to get them

3rd December 2004

This is the new site design. If anyone can please modify the code so I don't get massive spaces between the Header and 'Welcome to Transport Tycoon Terminal' Please contact me and tell me what Iv'e done wrong!

14th October 2004

Guestbook added! Please sign!

11th October 2004

I have uploaded a Multistorey Car park in the downloads section, so head over there and get it!

9th/10th October 2004

Hello! Ive uploaded a windows version of a prototype Office Building on the downloads page. Its version 0.1 and updates will follow. Also the dos version, so head on over to downloads and see! I had more time than expected so theres another there. ALSO: CALLING ALL WIN TO DOS CONVERTERS, I need your help, you will be properly credited! so please contact me and tell me if you can convert all my graphics to dos!

06th October 2004

From now on, this site is dedicated to MY GRAPHICS, and mine alone, unless you want hosting of course. So anyway, Im trashin the Loco and Transport Giant pages, and am going to Focus on TTD PATCH graphics.Also LOCOMOTION has come out, I highly recommend Steves Locomotion Depot. The game itself is easily moddable using your average 3d program and correct vectors for Steves Wiki. The game itself is very good, and you will love it if you are a UK train Enthusiast. So anyway, buy it, its a great sequel to a great game. (you can quote me on that) Also, due to some room being made, I'm taking down the DOS version of TTDX and putting a link to the Download locations over at When this site is fully redone, it will have primarily Industry replacements (entire ones) No vehicles, since I can't do em. For some of my Latest work, check HERE (start there and go backwards) it is usually under the Born Acorn nickname. Also some town buildings may be redone.

10th August

Back from Florida since the 21st July, to find my computer won't run easydesigner, but my laptop does, so here I am, and now I can start on a locomotion section, some people may have noticed Locomotion section in the forums, so its not a new idea for me exactly. In fact, I have already made the locomotion pages,but cannot remember what the urls are, and Im out of time for now, so mabe tonight (GMT) edit: found the missing pages, and doing a bit of work on them, the versions now are here

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