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Welcome to the New Transport Tycoon Terminal!

Name Speed Horsepower Image Capacity Designed Life Max Reliability Weight
Jinty 3F 35mph Jinty 3F N/A 1925
Collett Pannier Tank (Steam) 40mph Collet Pannier Tank N/A 1932
Stanier 'Crab' (Steam) 60mph Stanier Crab N/A 1926
Stanier 'Jubilee' (Steam) 80mph Stanier Jubilee 1934
Gresley 'A4' (Steam) 90mph Gresley A4 N/A 1935
BR '8P' 1954 (Steam) 95mph BR '8P' 1954 N/A 1954
'Metro Cammell Class 101 DMU (Diesel) 70mph Class 101 76 passengers 1957
'Sprinter Class 158' (Diesel) 75mph Sprinter 158 80 passengers 1984
BR/Sulzer Class '25' (Diesel) 90mph BR Sulzer N/A 1961
EE Class '37' (Diesel) 90mph Class 37 N/A 1960
Brush Class '47' (Diesel) 100mph Class 47 N/A 1962
HST '125' (Diesel) 125mph IC 125 8 bags of mail 1977
BR Class '86' (Electric) 100mph Class '86' N/A 1965
BR Class '87' (Electric) 110mph Class '87' N/A 1973
'T.G.V' (Electric) 150mph T.G.V N/A 1984
'Eurostar' (Electric) 155mph Eurotar N/A 1993

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