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Graphic Downloads

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Below are all graphics I have drawn or others have allowed me to host.


New Transmitter
A favourite. A new transmitter for TTD. Comes with a small brick hut filled with telecommunications equipment to provide the locals with their TV, radio, and mobile phone coverage.

Download for Windows

Concrete Airport
An airport built from predominantly whitish concrete. Comes with tarmac for runway with flashy lights!

Download for Windows

Red Brick Airport
An airport build from red brick. Features the new tarmac texture to be used on the UK Roadset.

Download for Windows

BR Blue Mk2 Carriage
A small project from the days of British Rail.

Download for Windows

InterCity 125
A new version of the IC125 coded by Lakie. It contains the following lovely features!

- Notes

  • Known Clipping in the Buy Menu
  • Not Compatable with OpenTTD v0.4.8 or below (works in nightlies)
  • New Livery - British Railways Blue Livery
  • New Livery - Swallow Livery
  • New Livery - Virgin
  • New Livery - GNER
  • New Livery - Great Western

Download for Windows
Download for DOS


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