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The Ships in TTD are the same as their counterparts it TTO. The naming scheme differs however.

Name Speed Image Capacity Designed
MPS Oil Tanker 15mph MPS Oil Tanker 220,000 litres of oil 1929
CS-Inc. Oil Tanker 25mph CS-Inc. Oil Tanker 350,000 litres of Oil 1968
MPS Passenger Ferry 20mph MPS Passenger Ferry 100 passengers 1926
FFP Passenger Ferry 40mph FFP Passenger Ferry 130 passengers 1972
Bakewell 300 Hovercraft 70mph Bakewell 300 Hovercraft 100 passengers 1967
Yate Cargo Ship 15mph Yate Cargo Ship 160 crates of goods 1927
Bakewell Cargo Ship 25mph Bakewell Cargo Ship 190 crates of goods 1974

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